Priscilla Block shares “Me Pt. 2” from upcoming deluxe edition of Welcome to the Block Party

M Pricillablockparty 011323
InDent Records/Mercury Records Nashville

Priscilla Block is sharing some new music with fans. The singer just dropped the new song “Me Pt. 2.”

“This is hands down one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written. It was 2 o’clock in the morning – just me, my guitar and a piece of paper,” she shares. “Sometimes it’s the simplest songs that hit the most and for me ‘Me Pt. 2’ is that.” 

“Me Pt. 2” is set to appear on the deluxe edition of Priscilla’s debut album, Welcome to the Block Party, which is dropping February 10. It includes four previously unreleased tracks, including her recent hit “Off The Deep End.”

“When we were selecting songs for ‘Welcome To The Block Party’ we had so many songs to choose from, which is why I’m super excited for the deluxe album,” she says. “Four more songs that complete the Block Party era.”

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