Rick & Nick Talk Flicks

Rick & Nick Talk Flicks is about movies by two revered local movie critics…and since they’re unwilling and/or unable to actually DO their podcast we found two other guys who love movies; Joel Hoover & Dave Brooks. With a theme on most episodes it’s clear that these two fill-ins spend waaaaay too much screen time.

Latest Episodes

Episode CVII – In Review: Top Gun-Maverick

June 14, 2022 We take a SPOILER-FILLED look at one of this summer’s hottest movies. Top Gun: Maverick took 36 years to make it to the big screen. Was it worth it? Our take!

Episode CVI – Unknown & Unanswered

June 1, 2022 Should all questions be answered in movieland? Should filmmakers hold an audience’s hand to such a high degree? Should the viewer be trusted enough to figure it out for themselves?

Episode CV – Summer '22 Preview

May 11, 2022 Disappearing into a summertime movie theatre is one of the special things in life! What to see, what to see….. Some thoughts!

Episode CIV – Let It Be

May 3, 2022 If one is good then TWO is GOODER! Wait…no. Sometimes a good movie needs to stay just one good movie. No sequel. No remake. Some we think need to stay untouched and some we think should have stayed so.

Episode CIII – Script To Screen

Apr. 21, 2022 In our humble opinions, the writer(s) may be THE most critical element to a great movie. Without it you get…well…”less-than good movie.” We take an overdue look at the critical writing element of Hollywood.

Episode CII – The Batman

April 5, 2022 Part 2 of our Bat-O-Licious look at the Caped Crusader; we take a SPOLERS-filled look at “The Batman” movie starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturo & Andy Serkis.

Episode CI – I'm Batman

Mar. 22, 2022 With “The Batman” on the big screen (and before we give our take on that in the next episode) we take a bat-gander back through Adam West,…