Blake Shelton says he’ll keep making music “until…the fans fire me”

M Blakeshelton
Trae Patton/NBC

Blake Shelton is stepping away from his coaching role on The Voice after the show’s upcoming 23rd season, and he has said that a big part of that decision comes from wanting to prioritize his family life with wife Gwen Stefani and her three children.

“I love all the cool things I get to do with my job. But those things all take a back seat now to Gwen and the kids,” the singer explains to ET online. “It’s just a new phase of my life.”

But that doesn’t mean Blake’s saying goodbye to his career in country music. On the contrary, he says he’ll keep performing and putting out music for as long as fans want to hear from him.

“I wanna keep my music side of what I do alive from now ‘til they fire me, fans fire me. You know?” the singer goes on to say.

With his long career on the Voice now under his belt, Blake says he’s drawn in a wider fan base than he had before his TV spot. “It’s actually helped pour over into my music,” he points out. “I’ve pulled an audience from TV that maybe didn’t even know who I was.”

He adds, “At the end of the day, having songs on the radio, being able to go out and tour and play — that’s what I do. I’m a country singer.”

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