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Todd Haugen

Todd Haugen

Todd grew up in the Dakotas, but he came to Bemidji in 1975 to attend Bemidji State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography…of all things.


His involvement in music and theatre led him to Paul Bunyan Broadcasting where he began working in January of 1980. Todd worked part time on KBUN and KB101 until beginning a full-time afternoon show on KBUN Country in April 1980. He moved to mornings in 1984.


In 1985, Todd left Bemidji and Paul Bunyan Broadcasting to work in major market radio at KEBC-FM in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but he returned to become Program Director of KBUN and KB101 and resumed doing The Morning Show later that year.


Todd is co-host of the KB101 Morning Show with Heidi Boyd and the daily talk show, “Chat-About” with news director Rob Mills. He also serves as Program Director for KB101 and Operations Director for Paul Bunyan Broadcasting.


He shares his life with his three loves: his wife Danelle, and daughters Savannah and Giselle.


Kev Jackson


Kev Jackson

Program Director, producer of “Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country” and former play-by-play announcer of Bemidji High School sports.


Kev was born in San Bernadino, CA. A future as a surfer dude was dashed when his Dad decided to move back to Minnesota, where the family settled in to the tiny hamlet of Red Lake Falls.


After high school, it became apparent that he had no future in the two things he loved: athletic competition and musical performance. He thought about becoming a monk, but remembered he wasn’t Catholic.


Then as he listened to the hits on WLS (at night of course), KKKL in Grand Forks, and KQWB in Fargo, he realized he could play music and talk sports for a living. So a passion for radio was born. Of course, once into broadcasting, he realized that the making a living part was dicey at best. But, we digress.


Kev attended Bemidji State University for four years, graduating in 1985 with a degree in Mass Communications. He then did some part time radio work before getting his first full time job in Roseau at KRWB, where he did sports, news on-air “deejaying” and even sales.


While in Roseau, he met the love of his life, Nicole, and brainwashed her into marrying him. Shortly after that, Kev got the opportunity to move back to Bemidji and become the play-by-play voice of the Lumberjacks. He’s been back for 23 years.


After a dozen years of following many Lumberjack teams to exotic locales all over our great state, Kev became (and still is) the Program Director and Morning Show co-host with the legendary Tom Lucas on 95.5 KZY when it signed on in 1999. He also roams the hallways and does sports updates on all of the Paul Bunyan Broadcasting stations. He continues to serve as Program Director of The Bun (as well as 104.5 The True Oldies Channel) but turned the play-by-play chores over to Moose Richards in the fall of 1999.


Kev and Nicole have three children (Jake 22; Kaila, 20; and Mollie 19). All three are out of the house (for the moment) but the two dachshunds (Jack and Max) have taken over their duties of being loud and making messes.


FAVORITE MOVIE(S) OF ALL TIME: Casablanca, Groundhog Day, The Truman Show, National Treasure (if they are on…I watch ‘em).


FAVORITE SPORTS MOVIE: So many great ones .…. Miracle, Field of Dreams, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh….but I gotta go with Hoosiers (Hey, I’m from Red Lake Falls – it resonates).


FAVORITE TV SHOW(S) OF ALL TIME: Andy Griffith Show, Twilight Zone (still watch the reruns)


WHAT YOU’RE WATCHING ON TV NOW: Right now? Probably a Sponge Bob rerun. Actually, anything on DIY, Psych, Burn Notice, The Office.


FAVORITE SPORTS MEMORY/MOMENT: Again so many! Miracle on Ice, BSU’s 1984 31-0 year, last year’s Frozen Four….however, as a Twins fan since age seven, I’ve got to go with Games 6 and 7, 1991 World Series (the two greatest back-to-back games in World Series history!!)



Heidi Boyd

KB101 Morning Show co-host

Heidi BoydHeidi was born and raised in Shakopee back when it was still a “small town.” The youngest of five, she always got in trouble for talking too much and now she makes it her living!


Heidi studied cosmetology out of high school – another good career for a “professional talker.” She owned a salon in Burnsville for a few years before joining her husband, Pizza Man Dan, in their pizza business. They lived in the town of Lakeville since 1994, were married in 1997 and eventually migrated to the Bemidji area after “visiting” for several years.


Heidi has a stepson, Andrew, and a grandson, Jacob; two kitties, Stinker and Tommi, and a 69 pound Labradoodle, Jesse.


A fan of ANYTHING outdoors, she’d rather be lost in the woods than found at home! When not out hunting or “getting lost”, any season of fishing warms her heart! (Not that she’d brag, but her biggest walleye so far: 28’5”). As far as sports, what’s not to like? Her preferences: baseball, hockey, football, but not necessarily in that order! And, don’t even mention playing games – cards, board games – doesn’t matter….she loves 'em all!


Favorite quotes: You’ve got two lives. One you’re given, the other one you make. Make it a GREAT day, or not. Remember the choice is up to you.


Heidi’s personal comment: This community is truly amazing and very dear to my heart. I can see why it draws so many people, and why people stay once they are here! I am SO proud to be part of the Paul Bunyan Broadcasting team. I feel like I am “home” again! Thanks to all of our listeners! KEEP SMILING AND ENJOY LIFE!


Dave Brooks

Afternoon drive

Dave Brooks

Born and raised in Minnesota, Dave got his start at Bemidji State University where he graduated with a communications degree and was featured on the campus station, KBSB. He then moseyed across town where he began work at Paul Bunyan Broadcasting, eventually working his way into afternoon drive on KB101.


The man faces sleep deprivation when he anchors the overnight portion of the annual “Radiothon to End Child Abuse.” He can also be heard on KZY, especially beneath a fully-lit and rotating disco ball during 70’s weekends.


Dave also spends some time helping the Lakeland Television team with their nightly newscasts behind and occasionally in front of the camera. He has even been known to pick up a spatula in the Lakeland kitchen from time-to-time when he hosts “Lakeland Cooks”.


Mr. Brooks is active in community service with his involvement in the Bemidji Jaycees and other agencies over the years. He visits the Brainerd lakes area regularly to spend time with family and friends. He loves his sports, Halloween and keeping a ninja death-grip on his inner kid. Honestly….we think there is something wrong with him….


Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

(Known as “Marvelous” Mark Andersons to everyone at Paul Bunyan Broadcasting). Mark is heard on all of Paul Bunyan Broadcasting’s four FM’s and capably fills in everywhere!


Mark was born and raised in Effie, MN. After attending Bemidji State University, Mark took a “temporary” job with Paul Bunyan Broadcasting in 1984 that has yet to end.


Mark lives out in the woods with his wife, two children and a menagerie of animals.


Sam Sargent

Sam can be heard on KB101 on Saturdays, noon to six PM.


Sam Sargent

Sam “Sarge,” “High Steppin’ Daddy” Sargent has been with Paul Bunyan Broadcasting for 24 years. Sam graduated from Bemidji High School and attended Bemdiji State University.


He likes everyone to know he comes from “sports royalty” (ha ha). His cousin Gary Sargent played in the NHL for the Los Angeles Kings and the Minnesota North Stars. His cousin, T.J. Oshie, currently plays in the NHL for the St. Louis Blues.


Sam is a father of three and in his spare time likes to play darts, shoot pool and catch up with friends on Facebook. He is currently the public address announcer for Bemidji State University Women’s Hockey and is known as “Sarge in the Stands” for in-house entertainment during Men’s Hockey games at Bemdiji State.


Listen to Sam weekday afternoons from 2:00-7:00PM on 95.5 KZY and Saturdays from noon to six PM on Continuous Country KB101.


Jane E. Ryder

Jane can be heard on KB101 weekends.

Jane Ryder

She was born here in Bemidji, grew up in Grand Rapids, MN. She moved back to Bemidji in 1983 and graduated from Bemidji High School in 1985. Jane has family and friends in the area and is proud to call Bemidji home. 


She began her radio career after weeks of lying on the couch in her apartment in St. Cloud while attending SCSU, wondering “what should I do with my life?” So she drove down to the local rock radio station and asked for a job. She was hired as an unpaid intern. After working 20+ hours a week doing odd jobs, helping with remote broadcasts and recording some ads (for free), she was offered a Sunday night show after “Metal Shop” and accepted.


 On the air, Jane would lose her voice due to nerves and wild weekend indulgences. She decided she would go on to radio school in an attempt to at least cure the nerves. She graduated from Brown Institute in Minneapolis in 1993.


 Her first gig after graduation was working weekends at Z103.3, the Powerloon, out of St. Cloud. Then Rockin’ 101 asked her to come back as their full-time afternoon drive personality. After a summer at Rockin’ 101, Jane went back to college in Bemidji and worked part-time at various Bemidji stations.


 In July of 1998, she accepted a full-time afternoon position with Paul Bunyan Broadcasting on KB101. In 1999, Jane became the very first announcer on the brand new station 95.5 KZY, and continued middays for the better part of eight years.


 In 2007, Jane figured she better finish what she had started many years ago, and went back to college. She graduated from BSU in 2008 with a bachelor degree in Psychology and a certificate in Chemical Dependency. She currently works as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor at an area program, and as noted above, can be heard on KB101 weekends.